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Founded in 1948 by Kiichi Takamatsu as a manufacturer of machine parts, Takamatsu Machinery has come to the forefront of the CNC machine industry with a broad line of automated CNC turning products that include: CNC Lathe Machines, Collet Chucks, Gantry Loaders/Compact Loaders, and Material Handling Systems.
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Gang Series

Top-Turn 2

Improved and Enhanced Functions
The control system has been updated to incorporate the most up-to-date functions in the standard specifications for improved working efficiency.

High-Speed “ΣGH Loader” Mounted (Optional)
The new, high-speed gantry-type “ΣGH loader” with a rapid traverse rate of 155 m/min for the travel axis and 125m/min to reduce the cycle time.

Substantial Options
The main structure has been reviewed to simplify customization by adding the latest Takamatsu loader system and grinding unit.

Type-A Type-B
Chuck Size: 6″ 8″
Max. Turning Dia.: 11.81″ 11.81″
Swing Over Slide: 6.69″ 6.69″
Max. Bar Capacity: 1″(1.38″) 1.65″
Spindle(RPM): 6,000 4,500
Floor Space(L,W): 71.65″ x 59.45″ 71.65″ x 59.45″


Inherited principle of space-saving design
In response to user requests for more tools made after the release of the USL-300 model, the USL-480 can be fitted with four standard tools. The remarkably slimmed-down USL-480 is only 480mm wide with the 160mm-long X-axis stroke maintained.

In pursuit of high-precision cutting
The built-in spindle with “zero-center design” lessens the relative displacement of the spindle unit and achieves greater cutting accuracy.

Shortened cycle time
The built-in spindle motor demonstrates a significant reduction in rise time (0 to 10,000min-1) to 1 second or less.* With the automatic loading mechanism installed, the time required for workpiece loading is only 4 seconds.
*When rotating the spindle equipped with a precision air chuck only.

Chuck Size: 3″ Collet
Optimum Turning Dia.: 1.57″ x 1.97″
Max. Bar Capacity: N/A
Spindle(RPM): 10,000
Floor Space(L,W): 18.90″ x 71.26″

 J-Wave Plus

Higher accuracy and shorter cycles for increased productivity
A 4-inch built-in motor equipped spindle is installed as a standard feature to achieve higher accuracy and shorter spindle acceleration/deceleration time. (Compared to the previous model: spindle acceleration/deceleration time reduction of up to 40%.

User friendly machine design
Tool holders are located within easy reach (spindle center height: 950 mm) with a fully opening door above the holder location for improved usability. The slide stroke is extended to ensure the degree of freedom in tooling. (Compared to the previous model: X-axis 25%, Z-axis 56% extended.

J-Wave Plus
Chuck Size: 4″ Collet
Max. Turning Dia.: 6.69″
Max. Turning Length: 6.89″
Max. Bar Capacity: .79″
Spindle(RPM): 4,500
Floor Space(L,W): 51.50″ x 49.21″

X Series


Only 1,150 mm machine width Ultra-Compact Design
The machine is a slim design with width of only 1,150mm and still comes with a 120mm stroke X-Axis and 230mm stroke Z-Axis. Even with a slim width, it is still designed with 450mm door opening. The machine accessories are placed in front or in accessible locations on the machine as emphasis to routine maintenance.

High Precision Structure
The X-Axis has a pre-tensioned structure. As a result, dimensional variation due to thermal displacement is suppressed and a design with stable machining accuracy is achieved. In addition, the X-Axis slide is made larger resulting to a more robust slide. Furthermore, to find a flawless countermeasure for thermal displacement, thermal displacement phenomenon is analyzed by computer achieving excellent thermal stability. Repeatability test for 8 hours shows change of φ5 microns and only φ3 microns after 1-hour machine stop. (Based on TAKAMAZ designated cutting condition)

Increased Operation Efficiency through Fully Loaded Features
Safety program check done in advance with “Manual Handle Retrace Function”, retrieving data loss with “Automatic Data Backup Capabilities,” and “Counter Function” are some of the added features to improve maintenance, operation and ease of use.

Environmentally Friendly Energy Saving Design
As compared to the previous model, the spindle motor is upgraded to AC7.5/5.5kW but has much faster spindle acceleration and deceleration time. This contributes to power saving. The weight reduction for resource conservation and LED light adoption are contributing factors for power-saving and environmentally friendly structure.

Chuck Size: 6″
Max. Turning Dia.: 7.09″
Max. Turning Length: 7.48″
Max. Bar Capacity: 1.02″
Spindle(RPM): 4,500
Floor Space(L,W): 45.28″ x 53.54″


Achieve Space-Saving Comparable to 6-inch Class
The machine width is 1,250mm. The floor space is 1.85m2 , about 23% less than previous model, making it the smallest machine with an 8-inch chuck among the same class in the industry. In our products, the space needed for [2] x [Set of Previous Model & Stocker] is enough for [3] x [Set of XC-150 & Stocker]. Arrangement of lines requiring only small spaces is possible leading to increased efficiency in operation and improvement in manufacturing.

Adoption of Rigid Slide
Just like the other models, the Z-Axis slide applies square box-way slide that is known for rigidity. The X-Axis is designed for increased rigidity than previous model that can be used for heavy cutting.

Energy Saving Machine
As compared with previous models, there are 20% reduction on the spindle inertia and 36% reduction on the spindle acceleration and deceleration time (0-3,500min-1). In addition, X-Axis and Z-Axis have also reduction on the motor load inertia of approximately 8%. Per FEM Analysis for optimizing the design of castings by eliminating unnecessary materials, as compared to previous models, there is a 20% reduction of materials used. This is good for the environment. Through these measures, the power consumption without compromising machine functions and processing performance is reduced by 10%.

Chuck Size: 8″
Max. Turning Dia.: 11.42″
Max. Turning Length: 8.03″
Max. Bar Capacity: 2.01″
Spindle(RPM): 3,500
Floor Space(L,W): 49.21″ x 58.27″


Capable of Mounting Six Power Tools as Maximum
This machine is equipped with high horsepower Power Tools that can perform a maximum of 10mm dia. milling. The ability to drill, tap and finish using one chuck and combined with possibility of performing variables and integrated process leads to flexible production.

Extra Tools for 12 Station Turret Head
The 12 station turret head is available with either standard turret specifications or the power tools specifications. The power tooling is designed with high speed through servo control and clamp controlled robust coupling leading to a stable high accuracy machining. The structure of the turret is also designed with cutting oil spray outlets for each tool for efficient cutting with coolant.

Compact design continued on the XC-100
Like the XC-100, the XL-100 is designed as multi-function compact machine. It has the same 1.85㎡ floor space as XC-100 and with additional milling capability. This machine is also an energy-saving design, and with excellent features to enhance the working environment.

Standard Type Power Tool Type
Chuck Size: 6″ 6″
Max. Turning Dia.: 7.08″ 7.08″
Max. Turning Length: 9.45″ 7.08″
Spindle(RPM): 4,500(6,000) 4,500(6,000)
Floor Space(L,W): 53.54″ x 53.54″  58.27″ x 53.54″


Larger Spindle Motor Output and Spindle Diameter
The standard spindle motor output is 11/7.5kW (X-150PLUS: 7.5/5.5kW). As an option, 15/11kW is available and with this increase in capacity, 60% increase in cross-sectional area processing capacity is achieved. In addition, the spindle through diameter of φ65 is available as an option. With this option, larger diameter bar material can be cut.

8 inch class Maximum Livetool Capacity (As compared with other models)
With the motor output of 5.5/3.7/2.2kW, this machine is equipped with φ20 maximum tool size milling unit that is 2.5 times larger than previous models. This is better by 1.7 times the cutting removal capacity resulting in wide range of cutting application and significant reduction in machining.

Longer Z Axis Stroke
The floor space is the same as that of the [X-150 PLUS], but the Z-Axis stroke is 400mm(X-150PLUS: 330mm). This is approximately an increase of 20% that can correspond to long work shaft of up to 370mm.

8-Station Turret 12-Station Turret Power Tool Type
Chuck Size: 8″(10″) 8″ 8″
Max. Turning Dia.: 12.60″ 11.02″ 9.45″
Max. Turning Length: 14.57″ 14.57″ 11.81″
 Max. Bar Dia. 1.65″, 2.01″(2.56″) 1.65″, 2.01″(2.56″) 1.65″, 2.01″
Spindle(RPM): 3,500/5,000 3,500/5,000 3,500/5,000
Floor Space(L,W): 62.99″ x 60.43″ 62.99″ x 60.43″ 66.54″ x 60.43″


Loader workpiece machining capability with Z-axis stroke extension
The standard Z-axis stroke specification is increased by about 40% from 550mm to 800mm.It can handle long shaft workpieces of up to 720mm, and provides a wide range of machining capability.

Reduction of idle time by mounting a tailstock driven by a servo unit
The hydraulic type driven tailstock on the standard machine is replaced with a servo driven type that is controlled with the change in the cutting program resulting to having a capability to handle different types of workpiece with significant reduction in cycle time.

Improved Machine Operation
In order to achieve improved workability when replacing chuck or workpiece as compared with the standard model,the length from the front door to the center of the spindle is reduced from 510mm to 450mm.

12-Station Turret
Chuck Size: 8″(10″), Sub 6″
Max. Turning Dia.: 13.39″
Max. Turning Length: 28.35″
 Max. Bar Dia. 2.56″
Spindle(RPM): 3,500/5,000
Floor Space(L,W): 96.46″ x 73.62″


Machine Equipped with a Sub-Spindle as Standard for Turning Complete Cut Workpieces
The X-120 can be equipped with a loader or with a bar feeder making it capable of complete turning of flange and shaft type work pieces at mass production level. As standard, a sub-spindle( 5 inch, AC3.7/2.2kW) is installed making it capable of high precision dual face turning by workpiece direct chucking.

Space-saving Design
For manufacturing facilities located in high priced regions, improving the operation per unit area is indispensable. The X-120 provides a wide cutting range with maximum turning length of 300mm. This machine also features a space saving design with main body length of 1,680mm and maximum length of 2,000mm. The slide is inclined at 30-degrees making it suitable for efficient chip disposal. This prevents chip accumulation problems.

Automation System
“Reliable Automation System” is the theme that TAKAMAZ emphasizes to meet global needs. TAKAMAZ takes pride of the “ΣGH loader” that can be installed on the X-120. This gantry type servo loader has high speed of top level in Japan today. The servo driven hard of the loader can adapt to any motions of loading and unloading. In combination with a bar feeder , a parts catcher, and out conveyor, the X-120 can meet bar workpiece turning.

12-Station Turret
Chuck Size: Collet 6″, Sub Collet 5″
Max. Turning Dia.: 6.69″
Max. Turning Length: 11.81″
 Max. Bar Dia. 1.38″(1.65″)
Spindle(RPM): 4,500/6,000
Floor Space(L,W): 78.74″ x 64.17″


Compatibility of Cutting Ability and Compactness
High rigidity φ 100 mm The high output 15/11 kW spindle motor is mounted on the bearing spindle.
The slide adopts square slide and follows the robust mechanical structure from the conventional machine, so it can maintain heavy cutting ability and accuracy over a long period of time. The Z axis movement amount is 450 mm and a compact design with a machine frontage of 1,695 mm is realized while securing sufficient stroke for shaft processing. <Machine width equivalent to one turret machine made by TAKAMAZ.

Various Options Corresponding to Shaft Machining and Labor Saving of Setup Change
The tail stock unit adopts a new structure with high rigidity and demonstrates powerful thrust by hydraulic drive. The position of the tail movement is detected by the linear encoder, and it works in conjunction with the machining program, contributing to the reduction of the setup change man-hours.

In addition to being able to programmably change the workpiece support position by servo drive, the steady stop device can also change the setting that supports even higher load processing such as φ 120 mm spindle bearing, 18.5 / 15 kW spindle motor, MT – 5 specification tailstock It is substantial.

8-Station 2-Turret
Chuck Size: 8″(10″)
Max. Turning Dia.: 8.27″
Max. Turning Length: 17.72″
 Max. Bar Dia. 1.65″, 2.01″(2.56″)
Spindle(RPM): 4,000/3,500
Floor Space(L,W): 66.73″ x 72.05″


Demonstrates High Productivity Machine for Machining Shaft Configurations.
With original 1-spindle and 2-turret concept, and tailstock that is servo controlled, this machine configuration for shaft machining of various workpieces. The Z-Axis has stroke of 650mm and a Max.700mm※ long shaft machining is possible. In addition, X-Axis with a 115mm stroke, can also support crankshaft machining. Through symmetrical twin turret design, balance cutting, simultaneous left and right individual cutting are possible resulting in individual shorter cutting times of different shapes. The adoption of more rigid 10-station turret, more tooling is available. The vertical X, Z axis slides use a rigid square box-way slide, and in combination with large spindle: φ120mm bearing bore(B specification) the heavy machining on the cutting area of 2.0mm2 is made easy. ※When OD holder is used in aφ100 spindle, up and down individual cutting is possible.

 10-Station, 2-Turret Type A  Type B
Chuck Size: 8″ 8″(10″)
Max. Turning Dia.: 8.86″ 8.86″
Max. Turning Length: 27.56″ 24.61″
 Max. Bar Dia. 2.01″ 2.56″
Spindle(RPM): 3,500  3,500(3,000)
Floor Space(L,W): 77.17″ x 67.72″ 77.17″ x 67.72″


XY-120 Plus

High-speed servo turret substantially cuts idle time.
The rigidity of the 10-station drum turret used on the machine has increased through a uniform, balanced design, making it capable of continuous full operation. The turret rotation speed of 0.2 seconds per index is one of the fastest available.

New 8-inch chuck specification.
An 8-inch chuck has now been designed to complement the existing 6-inch specifications. This allows a response to more diverse needs.

The addition of rotary tools permits process integration.
The machine can be equipped with simple rotary tools capable of boring and milling on side faces.

Compact design with integral loader for high-efficiency operation.
The exceptional total balance that has been achieved by integrating the loader with the machine has lead no only to high productivity but also a broad range of other benefits including space savings and joint maintenance during after service.

12-Station Turret  24st.
Chuck Size: Collet 6″, Sub Collet 5″
Max. Turning Dia.: 6.69″, Sub 5.31″
Max. Turning Length: 12.99″
 Max. Bar Dia. 1.65″(2.01″), Sub 0.787″
Spindle(RPM): 5,000(4,000), Sub 5,000
Floor Space(L,W): 103.54″ x 76.77″

XY-2000 Plus

Variety of milling work
The first turret is equipped with Y-Axis functions, standard. It has a ±40mm range of motion, and achieves highly demanding high-precision milling work through superior linearity.

Capable of turning large-diameter bar material
The maximum bar work diameter is φ51mm, standard, and an 8-inch chuck can be mounted on both spindles. In addition, for the first spindle only, it is possible to modify the spindle to handle bar work diameters up toφ65mm. Along with increased spindle diameter, the spindle motor power is also increased. An AC18.5/15kW motor is mounted for the first spindle while an AC11/7.5kW motor for the second spindle is mounted, making it possible to perform at even higher level of compound machining, and then some.

12-Station Turret  VDI: 40
Chuck Size: 8″
Max. Turning Dia.: 9.45″
Max. Turning Length: 21.42″
 Max. Bar Dia. 2.01″(2.56″), Sub 2.01″
Spindle(RPM): 4,000
Floor Space(L,W): 120.08″ x 83.66″


XD-8 Plus

Use of a linear turret substantially reduces idle time
To answer the requirements imposed by severe operation time restrictions, the machine is equipped with a linear turret that doesn’t need to be indexed. The machine has also been given a simpler construction, which improves its rigidity and so allows more accurate machining.

Newly developed high-speed air-driven precision chucking system
To answer requirements for faster cutting, a highly rigid spindle construction with a φ65mm bearing internal bore and maximum speed of 8,000min-1 (Option) is adopted. In the standard specification, a pull-type collet chuck made by TAKAMAZ is fitted. However, chucks such as the T850 type outward-opening chuck that has been used previously can also be used, or alternatively a 5-inch power chuck could be fitted. ※Power chucks can be used with XD-8PLUS/XD-8TPLUS only.

Integral tool holders for simple setup (XD-8 PLUS: linear turret)
Integral tool holders has been adopted to improve rigidity, speed up setup changes, and save space. Due to the integral construction, chips are no longer trapped against the holder, and accidents that result from the trapping of chips are also prevented.

Horizontal Linear 6-Station
Chuck Size: Collet, 5″ x2 Collet, 5″ x2
Max. Turning Dia.: 7.87″ 5.51″
Max. Turning Length: 14.96″(+/- 7.48″) 14.96″(+/- 7.48″)
Spindle(RPM): 4,500(8,000) 4,500(8,000)
Floor Space(L,W): 62.20″ x 61.02″ 62.20″ x 61.02″


High-speed servo turret substantially cuts idle time.
The rigidity of the 10-station drum turret used on the machine has increased through a uniform, balanced design, making it capable of continuous full operation. The turret rotation speed of 0.2 seconds per index is one of the fastest available.

New 8-inch chuck specification.
An 8-inch chuck has now been designed to complement the existing 6-inch specifications. This allows a response to more diverse needs.

The addition of rotary tools permits process integration.
The machine can be equipped with simple rotary tools capable of boring and milling on side faces.

Compact design with integral loader for high-efficiency operation.
The exceptional total balance that has been achieved by integrating the loader with the machine has lead no only to high productivity but also a broad range of other benefits including space savings and joint maintenance during after service.

Chuck Size: Collet, 8″ x2
Max. Turning Dia.: 4.72″
Max. Turning Length: 20.47″
Spindle(RPM): 4,500(6,000)
Floor Space(L,W): 90.94″ x 66.73″



“Space saving” machine for better visibility in the factory
Keeping the basic structure of USL®-480, features of two machines are incorporated into a single 1000mm width bed. Compared with two-machine-in-line, the required floor space is reduced by about 27%. In addition, the 1500mm height of the machine provides better visibility in the factory by eliminating high-rise wall that might obstruct view. Installation at factory with lower ceiling is suitable, which relates to the benefit of reducing hidden cost such as air conditioning and operators’ time moving on the floor.

XW-30 XW-30 Plus
Chuck Size: 3″ x2  4″ x2
Max. Turning Dia.: 1.97″ 1.97″
Max. Turning Length: 1.97″ 1.97″
 Tooling: Gang-Type Gang-Type
Spindle(RPM): 10,000  8,000
Floor Space(L,W): 39.37″(51.18″) x 78.74″ 40.94″(52.76″) x 78.94″


Space Savings in Production Lines
Due to the turret and slide structure, the width of the machine with the loader transfer has been cut to 1,595 mm, the smallest in the class. (25% smaller than existing models) This reduces the workpiece transfer distance from the machine to peripheral devices, allowing the width of the production line to be reduced.

Shorter Machining Cycles
A 7.5/5.5 kW spindle motor is installed, and the increased power reduces spindle acceleration/deceleration times. (Comparison with previous models: Acceleration/deceleration time reduced 22% with max. speed of 4,500 min-1)

High-speed Automation System Enables Speedy Mass Production
A new 3-axis high-speed loader is installed. The loader was engineered in conjunction with the lathe, realizing an optimum transfer system for the machine to reduce cycle times. (The shortest cycle time for front and back machining with processes 1 and 2 is 17.5 seconds, an 8% reduction compared to previous models.)

XW-60 XW-60M
Chuck Size: 6″ x2(5″ x2) 6″ x2(5″ x2)
Max. Turning Dia.: 6.89″ 6.89″
Max. Turning Length: 5.12″ 5.12″
 Tooling: 8-Station Turret x2 10-Station Turret x2
Spindle(RPM): 4,500(6,000) 4,500(6,000)
Floor Space(L,W):  62.80″ x 78.94″ 76.77″ x 78.94″


Loader cycle that will disprove common knowledge in loading technology
This new 3-axis loader is even faster with a loading time of 6 sec. This machine is equipped with high speed shutter,reducing shutter open/close time into half(with open/close <0.5 sec). A minimum 18 sec cycle time (OP1-2)is achieved with this new loader cycle idea.

Pursuit of both cutting capability and precision
The adoption of the box sliding for the slide,φ100mm maximum spindle diameter and 11/7.5kW motor. Installation of the spindle base cooling system for stable machining precision.

Lower center of gravity・Space-saving design
A compact 1,890mm width machine design ensuring a 150mm X-axis and 160mm Z-axis slide stroke with a 1,000mm spindle center height. Easy access to the spindle chuck and work turn device and easy change-over.

XW-130 XW-130M
Chuck Size: Collet 8″ x2 Collet 8″ x2
Max. Turning Dia.: 11.02″ 12.60″
Max. Turning Length: 6.10″ 8.66″
 Tooling: 8-Station Turret x2 10-Station Turret x2
Spindle(RPM): 4,000 4,000
Floor Space(L,W):  74.41″(88.58″) x 84.25″ 77.95″(92.52″) x 91.73″


Cutting Capacity up by 180%
With a large diameter spindle of 120mm combined with an 18.5/15kW motor, cutting capacity is 1.8 times than that of our previous models. The machine is capable of heavy cutting with high torque even at low speeds needed for cutting of large-diameter flange-like work.

Reassuring Stability for Mass Production
A spindle cooling mechanism is built into the unit to minimize geometric change due from heat. An optional thermal displacement system is available. Dimensional accuracy and stability can be attained by combining the spindle cooler with the thermal displacement system.

Zero Work in Progress Inventory is Possible with Front/Back Combined Cutting
The live tooling is available for the 8-inch chuck machine. A maximum of 20 live tools can be attached and it will meet the needs for multi cutting processes. (200M: Live Tool Spec)

Chuck Size: 10″ x2
Max. Turning Dia.: 12.60″
Max. Turning Length: 8.66″
 Tooling: 8-Station Turret x2
Spindle(RPM): 2,800
Floor Space(L,W): 77.95″(92.52″) x 91.73″



Space-saving Compact Design
With 6-Inch Chuck, the maximum turning diameter is φ180mm. With the space-saving compact design of 1,400mm width, 1,250mm length, this machine is easy to install.

Improved Operability
As based from Ergonomics, the operation panel is mounted at the optimum height making the monitor easy to view and be able to work at a comfortable position. In addition, work is improved by placing frequently used buttons on the right side of the operator. This also prevents malfunction.

8-Station Turret
Chuck Size: 6″
Max. Turning Dia.: 7.09″
Max. Turning Length: 7.48″
Max. Bar Dia. 1.81″
Spindle(RPM): 4,500
Floor Space(L,W): 55.12″ x 49.21″

GSL-15 Plus

Designed for high quality and endurance
We have called on the technical know how on lathes that we have built up over many years, and adopted a spindle unit with the same bore diameter of 100 mm that has proven itself on our flagship model (XL-150). The machine will maintain endurance even in working environments outside Japan and minimize changes in finish dimensions if operating over long periods.

Simultaneous attainment of low costs and high reliability
Simplifying the structure realizes low costs and provides differ initiation from existing machines. What is more, high reliability is maintained because, from parts to assembly, manufacture is completely done in Japan while achieving low costs.

8-Station Turret
Chuck Size: 8″
Max. Turning Dia.: 11.42″
Max. Turning Length: 11.82″
Max. Bar Dia. 1.81″
Spindle(RPM): 3,500
Floor Space(L,W): 73.82″(78.35″) x 66.14″