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AgieCharmilles CUT E350
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AgieCharmilles CUT E350

EDM Wire Cut Machine – General Purpose

AgieCharmilles CUT E series

High level of flexibility and low running cost, the ideal machines for any EDM work shop


The AgieCharmilles CUT E 350/AgieCharmilles CUT E 600 range puts efficiency at the touch of your finger with a smart, easy-to-use human-machine interface (HMI) and onboard technologies that streamline your job setup, improve your cutting speed, improve your surface finish, protect your valuable workpieces, and ensure your process robustness.


Main Specs:

  • Travels (X,Y,Z):  13.78″ x 9.843″ x 9.646″
  • Workpiece Dimensions (W, D, H):  32.283″ x 26.772″ x 9.843″


New Design Advances Your Efficiency

  • Power your performance
  • Accelerate your productivity
  • Benefit from our expertise
  • Experience innovation




AgieCharmilles CUT E350 Machine Specifications


Travels (X,Y,Z) 13.78″ x 9.843″ x 9.646″
Travels (U,V) ± 1.772″
Taper Angle Height 30°/2.2º/in
Workpiece Dimensions (W,D,H) 32.283″ x 26.772″ x 9.843″
Max. Workpiece Weight 881.84 lbs
Available Wire Diameters (Standard) 0.006″ – 0.012″
Permissible Weights and Types of Spools (ISO) 17.64 / 55.12 lbs