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AgieCharmilles Form E350
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AgieCharmilles FORM E350

EDM Die-Sinking Machine – General Purpose

AgieCharmilles FORM E series
Best value for your investment


For general mold and die, as well as specific industry segments like aerospace and aeronautics, automotive, and information and communications technology, the new die-sinking EDM AgieCharmilles machines offer success-enabling features and excellent performance. The machines’ generator and all the available features in the standard configuration make the AgieCharmilles FORM E machines comprehensive partners in customers’ production chains.


Main Specs:

  • Travels (X,Y,Z):  13.78″ x 9.843″ x 9.843″
  • Workpiece Dimensions (W, D, H):  31.496″ x 21.654″ x 10.433″



Quality-boosting, cost-saving generator

At the heart of the AgieCharmilles FORM E 350 sinker EDM solution is GF Machining Solutions’ proprietary, high-end Intelligent Speed Power Generator (ISPG). The electrical discharge machining (EDM) process is continuously optimized and that dramatically reduces electrode wear. Process control takes just a fraction of a second and produces an extremely uniform surface finish.


Human-machine interface (HMI) increases productivity

The development of this new AC FORM HMI is based on a study carried out with numerous mold makers in order to streamline the mold-making technique. This ease of use, which has made GF Machining Solutions interfaces so successful, has not only been maintained, but has been developed even further to support mold makers during die sinking.

  • Footprint
    Starting with a space-saving footprint that takes your valuable floor space into consideration, the AgieCharmilles FORM E 350 sets market standards for compact die-sinking EDM machines.
  • Position resolution
    The use of a cast iron and the short C frame design ensures static and dynamic rigidity of the mechanical structure. Positioning accuracy is guaranteed by linear glass scales on the cross table. The die sinker’s ergonomics are engineered to provide the most favorable ratio between floor spare and work surface.
  • Unattended machining
    The new AgieCharmilles FORM E sinker EDM series allows you to considerably increase your production by reducing human intervention. Thanks to the Linear Tool Changer (LTC) and an external robot from System 3R, you can easily take your production to the next level of die-sinking efficiency.
  • Surface finish
    Several options are available to extend the already impressive AgieCharmilles FORM E series capabilities. These include the GammaTEC technology to optimize die sinking machining for shiny surface finishes on parts.

  • Connecting you to success
    Easily and economically reproduce the tiniest details, achieve highest detail precision on your molds and create small radii and mirror-like surfaces.
  • Versatile solution
    All sinker EDM applications needs are covered by a complete range of material for optimum productivity during the machining process. Our mix-material technology for die-sinking EDM increases your business opportunities: Start fast with a graphite electrode before switching to a copper electrode in order to achieve the highest surface finish.
  • C axis for complex machining
    A rugged C axis delivers high positioning precision regardless of electrode weight (up to 25 kg) and full machine current. Completely integrate, the C axis is easily extended to increase X and Y travels when machining very large parts. Integrated into the quill of the Z axis, the AgieCharmilles E series’ C axis is incredibly flexible, producing perfect curved recesses and undercuts.


AgieCharmilles Form E350 Machine Specifications


Axis (X,Y,Z) 13.78″ x 9.843″ x 9.843″
Machine Dimensions
Width, Depth, Height 39.37″ x 68.149″ x 93.386″

 Working Range
Measurement Resolution 0.394 µin
Workpiece and Electrode
Workpiece Dimensions (W,D,H) 31.496″ x 21.654″ x 10.433″
Max. Electrode Weight 110.23 lb
Max. Workpiece Weight 440.92 lb

 Dielectric System
Reservoir Capacity 71.22 gal
Standard Machining Current 80 A
Best Surface Finish RA 0.394 µin