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Hwacheon C1
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Hwacheon C1

CNC Lathe – Multi Process Turning Center

6″ Chucker Horizontal Turning Center with Magazine & Y-Axis


Half turning center, half machining center (Y- and C-axis control), our C1 Series with 3-stack turret and tool changer can completely manufacture parts with complicated shapes in a single chucking operation. To minimize thermal displacement, the arrangement of units in the heat-symmetrical structure provides superior thermal stability. Hwacheon’s original cooling system ensures that the rotary tool module inside the turret maintains exceptional processing quality, even during prolonged operation. Independent orthogonal structure of X, Y and Z-axes reduces feed error to zero for high rigidity and precision, even during prolonged processing.


Main Specs:

Chuck Size: 6″

Max. Cutting Diameter:  20.86″ Upper / 16.14″ Lower

Max. Cutting Length:  23.58″ Upper / 22.99″ Lower

Max. Bar Capacity:  2.01″

Spindle:  6,000 RPM


C1 is an integrated multiplex turning center that combines the processing capability of a turning center with the processing capability of a machining center obtainable through Y and C-axis control. It can completely manufacture parts with complicated shapes with a single chucking operation. In particular, the standard-fitted magazine’s automatic tool change function enables rapid responses during machining of parts that require many tools.


Orthogonal Y-axis 

Independent orthogonal structure of X, Y, and Z-axes reduces feed error to zero, sustaining high rigidity and high precision even during prolonged processing.


The magazine can be mounted with various tools, enabling multiple lathing and milling processes in a single, uninterrupted operation.

High-Speed, High-Power Spindle 

The culmination of Hwacheon’s accumulated technical expertise, the high-power spindle enables stable and precise machining during high-speed operations.

High-Precision, High-Rigidity Turret 

Mounted with up to 18 tools, the turret enables even faster and more stable machining through multiplex operations.

High-Rigidity LM Guide 

High-rigidity LM guides are installed on all axes, minimizing non-cutting time through rapid feeding to achieve fast and stable machining performance.

Digital Tailstock 

The tailstock, fitted with a servo motor and ball screws, realizes precise machining by providing a stable support for the material on the main spindle through automatic positional determination.

Second Spindle (YSMC specs) 

Using the opposing second spindle allows carrying out two processes with a single chucking operation, maximizing productivity.




C1 has been designed to minimize thermal displacement, and the arrangement of units in a heat-symmetrical structure achieves superb thermal stability. A notable feature is the rotary tool module inside the turret, which maintains excellent processing quality even during prolonged operation thanks to Hwacheon’s unique cooling system that ensures stable heat control.


Along with machining stability, C1 comes with a variety of extra features including independent orthogonal Y-axis, opposing second spindle, and a tool-mountable magazine. These options enable quick production, process integration, reduced turnaround, and low cost, allowing you to respond quickly to the market environment that demands high value-added production.



  • Air Blower (YSMC)
  • Chuck Pressure Compensation
  • Door Interlock
  • Foot Switch
  • High Pressure Coolant Pump 6 Bar
  • Hydraulic Chuck & Cylinder
  • Lubrication Unit
  • Magazine (12 Tools)
  • Signal Lamp with 2 Colors

  • Tailstock – MT#4 (YMC)
  • Tooling System
  • Work Light
  • Turnmill Function
  • Set of Soft Jaws
  • Manual Guide i
  • 10.4″ Color LCD

Chuck Size: 6″ 6″
Max. Cutting Diameter: 20.86″ 20.86″(16.14″ Sub)
Max. Cutting Length: 23.58″ 23.58″(22.99″ Sub)
Max. Bar Size: 1.77″ 1.77″
Spindle Motor: 15/10 HP 15/10 HP

(10/7.5 HP Sub)

Spindle Speed: 6,000 RPM 6,000 RPM
Max. Stroke (X/Z/Y/B): 12.2″/27.55″/±1.96″/29.52″ 12.2″/27.55″/±1.96″/29.52″
NC Control: Fanuc 0iTF Fanuc 0iTF
Number of Tools: 12 Tool Magazine- Capto C4

18 Station Turret

12 Tool Magazine- Capto C4

18 Station Turret

Swing Over Bed: 28.74″ 28.74″
Live Tool Motor: 7.5/5 HP 7.5/5 HP
Live Tool Speed: 4,000 RPM 4,000 RPM
Machine Dimensions (L/W/H): 140″ x 84.64″ x 90.55″ 140″ x 84.64″ x 90.55″
Machine Weight: 7,500 LBS 7,500 LBS
Power Requirement: 40 kVA 40 kVA