Hwacheon Hi-M G1 - D and R Machinery - Arizona CNC Machine Tools
Hwacheon Hi-M G1
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Hwacheon Hi-M G1

Vertical Machining Center – Graphite

Vertical Machining Center, Graphite


Featuring a sealed roof design, the Hi-M G1 offers optimal dust collection for graphite machining. This compact machine is highly rigid and performs at high speeds with high precision. Other features include an optimal design structure with 3D/FEM analysis, wide linear motion guides for 3 axis (X/Y/Z) and a spindle coolant system.


Main Specs:

Travel:  29.52″ x 23.62″ x 13.77″

Table Size:  29.52″ x 23.62″

Spindles:  HSK-E40 – 24,000 RPM

Tool Capacity:  16





Medium/Large Graphite Machining Center

HIM-G1/G2+ delivers high-speed, high-precision machining for dry cutting of graphite electrodes used in aluminum die casting process. It delivers quality machining by applying the highly dust proof and waterproof spindle and the optimum dust reduction system. This system blocks the dust scattering and entry of fine dust created during the machining process. HIM-G1/G2+ is easy to use due to its various add-on functions and enhanced user convenience.

Perfect Dust Collection System

Sealed roof design collects dust generated from dry processing and prevents contamination due to fine dust. The door design that makes it easy to clean and discharge slide way lubricant maximizes user convenience.

High-Precision Feed System

The feed axis-driven system is a direct-coupled servo motor with high-precision ball screws and 3-axis wide LM Guide.



  • Siemens 828Dsl CNC Machine Control
  • Air Combination Unit
  • Dust Collector System
  • Full Splash Guard
  • Halogen Lamp
  • Signal Lamp (3 Color)
  • Spindle Cooling Unit (Water Cooler)


  • Air Dryer
  • ATC 24 Tools
  • Memory 4GB
  • Touch Probe
  • Transformer: 35kVA
  • 12 Months Parts and Labor Warranty on Machine and 24 Months on Control


Hwacheon Hi-M G1 Machine Specifications


X-Axis 29.52″
Y-Axis 23.62″
Z-Axis 13.77″
Spindle Gauge Plane to Table Top 3.93″ – 17.71″
Dimensions 29.52″ x 23.62″
Max Load 881.84 lbs
T-Slots 5 x 0.63″ x 4.92″

Spindle Taper HSK-E40
Spindle Speed 24,000 RPM
Spindle Power 12.7 HP
Feed Rate
Rapid Traverse (X/Y/Z) 985/985/787 ipm

Capacity 16 Tools
Max. Tool Diameter 0.62″
Max. Tool Length 7.87″
Air Pressure 5-7 CFM
Power Consumption 35 KVA
Machine Weight  10,582 lbs
Operating Dimensions 83.26″ x 87.8″ x 102.36″