Hwacheon M2-5AX - D and R Machinery - Arizona CNC Machine Tools
Hwacheon M2-5AX
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Hwacheon M2-5AX

5 Axis Universal Machining Center

5-Axis Universal Machining Center


Hwacheon’s universal 5-axis center offers the total machining solution – everything from tool selection to final product. The Machining Optimization system configures itself to fit machining conditions and applications and provide the best product results. The 2-axis rotary table at ø500 enables the creation of a product either by 5-axis or 3+2 axis processing method. The M2-5AX is built from 3D FEM analysis, and its software components are specially created in-house by Hwacheon to increase the machine’s productivity and process speed.


Main Specs:

Travel:  29.50″ x 25.29″ x 19.69″

Table Size:  19.69″ diameter

Spindles: BBT40(CAT-40) – 20,000 RPM / HSK-E40 – 32,000 RPM

Tool Capacity:  30 (60 option)



Highly Efficient Multi-Axis Machining

Not only can a 5-axis machine move in the same three directions of a 3-axis machine, but the cutting tool can also rotate to approach the work from any direction, enabling easy access to the undercuts that a 3-axis machine can’t reach. Also, the end mill sweeping provides significant savings in machining time up to one fifth of the time it would take for the ball-end mill to be fed back and forth along a curve linear path at close intervals when producing complex three-dimensional surfaces. Another benefit behind a 5-axis system is that the length of the tools can be compact, which used to be made longer to match the size and shape of work pieces; and the cutting is done with the side of the ball end mill, not just with the tip of it, which increases the life of the tool and results in the cut surface that is ultra fine.

High-Performance Spindle

The spindle integrates the motor to limit vibration, noise, and power loss at high speed rotation. The jet of oil is injected directly onto the spindle bearing for effective cooling, and the motor and the spindle assembly are jacket-cooled to limit the displacement caused by heat. To achieve greater precision, the spindle constantly monitors for possible thermal displacement and makes necessary adjustment in real time.

High-Precision Gantry Design
The base frame includes two wide columns to achieve uni-body stability, and the machine has adopted the gantry-type feed drive whose axial system travels over the base frame in three different directions along the X, Y, and Z axes. This design helps the machine to maintain rapid yet precise feedrate, and constant control performance regardless of the work piece. The Z axis is firmly supported by 6 LM blocks; and for the Y axis, 6 LM blocks are triangle-positioned on 4 rails, in attempt to maximize feed drive rigidity.

High-Precision Feed System (X/Y/Z)

The direct-coupled servo motor and linear scales on all axes as standard maintain high precision during prolonged operation, and the roller linear guide enables fast and stable feed.

High-Precision Feed System (A/C)

The built-in, high-precision worm gear increases the servo motor’s torque, and application of the rotary encoder enables high-precision angle division and continuous rotation machining.

Hwacheon’s Jacket Cooling Technology

The cooling oil is circulating around the motor frame and the bearing housing for most effective cooling.

Hwacheon Machining Software Components

The Hwacheon’s developed machining software monitors different variables related to the work environment and machining conditions and makes adjustments for best quality results and optimum work efficiency.


  • FANUC 31i-B5 CNC Machine Control
  • Air Blower
  • Base Around Splash Guard
  • Coolant System
  • Cutting Diameter Correction for 5-Axis Tools
  • Door Interlock
  • Hydraulic System
  • Lubrication System
  • MPG Handle
  • Pneumatics System
  • Rigid Tapping
  • Scale (X/Y/Z/A/C)
  • Signal Lamp (R/G/Y, 3 Color)
  • Spindle Cooler
  • Work Light
  • Workpiece Coordinate System (48 ea)

  • 10.4″ Color LCD
  • Hwacheon Artificial Intelligence Control System (HAI) – 600 Block
  • Hwacheon Efficient Contour Control System (HECC)
  • Hwacheon Spindle Displacement Control System (HSDC)
  • Hwacheon Tool Load Detect System (HTLD)
  • Cutting Feed Optimization System (OPTIMA)
  • 12 Months Parts and Labor Warranty on Machine and 24 Months on Control


Hwacheon M2-5AX Machine Specifications


X-Axis 29.50″
Y-Axis 25.29″
Z-Axis 19.69″
Spindle Gauge Plane to Table Top 2.95″ – 22.64″
Dimensions 19.69″∅
Max Load 661 lbs
T-Slots 5 x 0.55″ x 3.15″

Spindle Taper BBT/CAT40 (HSK-E40)
Spindle Speed 20,000(32,000) RPM
Spindle Power 30(25) HP
Feed Rate
Rapid Traverse (X/Y/Z) 1,969/1,969/1,969 ipm
Rapid Speed (A/C) 33.3 RPM

Capacity 30 Tools (60 optional)
Max. Tool Diameter 3.15″/6.69″
Max. Tool Length 11.81″
Air Pressure 5-7 CFM
Power Consumption 65 kVA
Machine Weight 24,251 lbs
Operating Dimensions 119.09″ x 145.47″ x 121.65″