Hwacheon VESTA-660 - D and R Machinery - Arizona CNC Machine Tools
Hwacheon VESTA-660
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Hwacheon VESTA-660

Vertical Machining Center – Software Optimized

Vertical Machining Center, Software Optimized


These high-performance machines are optimized for job shop machining applications, with an easy-to-use interface to maximize productivity. HTLD increases the life of your tools; HECC provides perfect contour control for better machining efficiency; OPTIMA controls the feed-rate and HTLD adjusts the temperature in real time. To minimize thermal displacement and to increase the life of the spindle assembly, the spindle unit is grease-lubricated and jacket cooled. The advanced feed drive complements the spindle for highly precise machining results every time. The super tough roller guide keeps its precision even at high speeds.


Main Specs:

Travel:  25.98″ x 16.93″ x 15.75″

Table Size:  28.35″ x 15.75″

Spindles:  CAT40 -10,000 RPM

Tool Capacity:  20 (24 opt)





Machining Stability Ensured

Outstanding rigid base and column structure.  Highly rigid roller LM guide for every axis.  Processing position with lower center point.

High-Rigidity Spindles

Low vibration and low heat generation for direct-coupled spindles.

Structural Design

With the bilateral symmetry structure, unintended modification such as distortion is minimized.  Independent compensation/control is offer with the independent Z-Axis design.  High-speed feeding through optimization of acceleration and deceleration system is offered.


  • FANUC 0iMF CNC Machine Control
  • Coolant Head and Bed Flushing
  • Air Blower
  • Part Program Storage (512 kB)
  • Hwacheon Artificial Intelligence Control System (HAI) – 40 Block
  • Hwacheon Efficient Contour Control System (HECC)
  • Hwacheon Thermal Displacement Control System (HTDC)
  • Hwacheon Tool Load Detect System (HTLD)
  • Cutting Feed Optimization System (OPTIMA)

  • Lubrication System
  • Spindle Cooler
  • Ethernet Interface
  • MPG Handle
  • Door Interlock
  • Workpiece Coordinate System 48 Pairs
  • 20 Pocket ATC CAT40
  • Perfect Base Around Splash Guard
  • Lubrication Oil Separation Tank
  • Three (3) Tier Status Lamp
  • 12 Months Parts and Labor Warranty on Machine and 24 Months on Control


Hwacheon Vesta-660 Machine Specifications


X-Axis 25.98″
Y-Axis 16.93″
Z-Axis 15.75″
Spindle Gauge Plane to Table Top 5.91″ – 21.65″
Dimensions 28.35″ x 15.75″
Max Load 1,234 lbs
T-Slots 3 x 0.71″ x 3.94″

Spindle Taper CAT40
Spindle Speed 10,000 RPM
Spindle Power 20 HP
Feed Rate
Rapid Traverse (X/Y/Z) 1,417/1,417/1,181 ipm

Capacity 20 Tools (24 opt)
Max. Tool Diameter ∅3.15″ / ∅5.91
Max. Tool Length 11.81″
Air Pressure 5 CFM
Power Consumption 30 KVA
Machine Weight  11,023 lbs
Operating Dimensions 123.23″ x 77.95″ x 99.80″