Mikron HPM 1350U - D and R Machinery - Arizona CNC Machine Tools
Mikron HPM 1350U
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Mikron HPM 1350U

Vertical Machining Center – 5-Axis High Performance

High performance milling versus high speed milling – the one cannot replace the other! While with high speed milling the objective is to create as much surface on the workpiece as possible in the shortest possible time, the objective of high performance milling is to remove as much material as possible as efficiently as possible.


Main Specs:

  • Travel:  53.15″ x 45.276″ x 27.559″
  • Spindle:  HSK63A – 15,000 RPM
  • Tool Capacity:  30 / 46 / 92
  • Machine Weight:  27,778-37,699 lbs







The Mikron HPM machines are designed for universal production of high quality parts. The very latest motor driven spindles, directly-driven circular and swivel axes and the stable machine body offer the very best conditions to manufacture modern tools economically and precisely.



Mikron HPM 1350U Machine Specifications



Travel X, Y, Z 53.15″ x 45.276″ x 27.559″
Swiveling Axis Tilting Axis +16/-120º / n x 360º
Feed Rate / Rapid Traverse X, Y, Z  15/30 m / min
Tool Magazine 30 / 46 / 92
Control Unit – Heidenhain iTNC 530