Mikron HSM 500 Moldmaster - D and R Machinery - Arizona CNC Machine Tools
Mikron HSM 500 Moldmaster
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Mikron HSM 500 Moldmaster

Vertical Machining Center – 3-Axis High Precision – High Speed

It is with high speed milling performance in mind that the high performance spindles, the control system, feed drives, the axis mechanism and the automation of Mikron HSM range have always been designed.


Main Specs:

  • Travel:  19.685″ x 17.716″ x 13.78″
  • Spindle:  HSK-E40 – 42,000 RPM
  • Tool Capacity:  18 / 36







The MIKRON HSM MoldMaster was built with the mold maker in mind. Utilizing high speed machining you are able to cut graphite electrodes and hardened mold inserts with the highest of accuracy. With its pyramid-shaped arrangement and O-shaped portal; its stability and vibration dampening characteristics ensure that you are able to replicate accuracy constantly.



Mikron HSM 500 Moldmaster Machine Specifications



Travel X, Y, Z 19.685″ x 17.716″ x 13.78″
B-Axis n/a
C-Axis n/a
Rapid Traverse X, Y, Z 20/42 m / min
Rapid traverse (swiveling, rotating) n/a
Tool Magazine 18 / 36
Control Unit – Heidenhain iTNC 530