ProtoTRAK ELX CNC - D and R Machinery - Arizona CNC Machine Tools
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Programming is always easy.


Just select the geometry and answer the prompts.


Part Graphics make it easy to check your programs.


Tool data is applied to CNC and manual machining


Easy transition between manual and CNC turning





DRO Mode gives you CNC functionality for manual turning work.

Cycle: Just program the profile you want and the ELX will program the toolpath to clear the stock for you.

Part Graphics make it easy to check your programs.

Tool Setting

  • Set tools easily with the prompted, graphical interface
  • Tool data is applied to CNC and manual machining


ProtoTRAK ELX Specifications


  • Digital Servo Amplifiers – custom designed for ProtoTRAK operation
  • D.C. Servo Motors – rated at 280 in-oz. continuous torque
  • Precision Ball Screws
  • Modular Design – simplifies service and maximizes uptime
  • 115V/60Hz
  • 10 amps
  • Feedrate Override of programmed feedrate and rapid
  • Polycarbonate Sealed Membrane Keypad to lock out contamination
  • 7.0″ Color LCD with adjustable contrast
  • On board IDE flash memory storage for part programs
  • 2 USB ports for interface with a storage device
  • Rugged Industrial PC
  • Electronic Handwheels for manual operation
  • Fine/coarse selectable manual movement
  • Jog button in DRO


  • Diameter Cutter Compensation
  • Circular interpolation
  • Linear Interpolation
  • Conrad – provides automatic corner radius programming
  • Incremental and Absolute dimensioning
  • Error Messages – to identify programming mistakes
  • Fault Messages – for system self-diagnostics
  • Parts graphics display
  • Look – a single button press to view part graphics
  • Machine Tool Error Compensation
  • Backlash Compensation
  • Selectable Inch/mm measurement readout
  • Jog from 1 to 100 inches per minute
  • Continue Turn to eliminate repetitive data inputs while programming
  • Context help information
  • CAM to ProtoTRAK conversational language file conversion
  • Cycle event to automatically program roughing passes
  • Tool table and tool offsets for CNC and manual operation
  • Free offline programming available for download from our website


  • Remote Stop/Go (RSG) switch
  • USB thumb drive for program storage and transfer

Programming Canned Cycles

  • Position
  • Drill/Bore
  • Turn
  • Arc
  • Cycle
  • Thread
  • Repeat