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Toyoda e300G
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Toyoda e300G

CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine – Production

Cylindrical Grinding Machine, e300G


The e300G is the best grinder in class for the mass production of small parts. Dual-center drive eliminates the driving dog, allowing all surfaces to be accessed by the extremely rigid and accurate TOYODA STAT® BEARING.


Main Specs:

  • Swing:  7.9″∅
  • Distance Between Centers (CBN Wheel):  11.0″
  • Distance Between Centers (Standard Wheel):  12.6″
  • Max. Load Between Centers:  11 lbs
  • Wheel Surface Speed:  8,860 SFPM






THE DAILY GRIND FOR YEARS TO COME – The TOYODA STAT® BEARING uses a hybrid of hydrostatic and hydrodynamic technology to eliminate metal-to-metal contact inside the bearing. This allows your grinder to run at top performance longer than your typical spindle bearing.

ACCURATE BY DESIGN – Toyoda’s floating plate absorbs movement in the ballscrew to maintain grinding accuracy and positioning.

USER-FRIENDLY HMI – Our grinding machines use Toyoda’s own conversational controls. In a convenient touchscreen panel, operators are able to program at the machine.


  • TOYODA, 2-Axes CNC Unit, Model GC50, including swing type operation panel with
    manual pulse generator, and more.
  • Box-type well-ribbed heavy-duty machine bed of high-strength metal castings
  • Automatic hydrostatic lubrication to slideways
  • Wheel feed system
  • The TOYODA STAT® bearing wheelhead featuring no metal-to-metal contact, high rigidity
    and excellent damping capacity and minimized heat generation
  • Rigid wheel guard with adjustable front hood
  • Wheel sleeve and flange assembly
  • Set of V-belts for wheel drive
  • Table feed system
  • Live Spindle workheads (Left & Right side units)

  • Formed Diamond
  • Complete coolant supply unit
  • Set of leveling screws and pads
  • Machine Enclosure with manual open/close front door
  • In-Process OD gauge
  • Wheelhead mount lateral locator
  • 12 Months Parts and Labor Warranty on Machine and Control

Toyoda e300G Machine Specifications


Swing 7.8″∅
Distance Between Centers 11″
Max. Grinding Diameter 3.15″∅
Max. Load Between Centers 11 lbs
Type 1 Piece Traversing
Table Swivel (CCW to CW) Non-Swiveling
Slide V and Flat Slide
Wheelhead Rapid Z-Axis Feed  787 IPM

Wheel Size x 2 Wheels (OD x ID) 14″∅ x 5″
Wheelhead Rapid X-Axis Feed 1,180 IPM
Max. Wheel Width 1.97″
Wheel Surface Speed 8,800 SFPM
Wheelhead Slide Configuration 90º Slide
Type Live Spindle
Shift Amount (Hydraulic) 0.787″
Work Speed (Variable) 1,000 RPM Max.

 Wheel Dressing Device
Type Formed Diamond
Location Mounted Behind Left Workhead
Power 200 Volt, 3 PH, 60 Hz
Machine Net Weight 7,700 lbs
Operating Dimensions 74″ x 103″