Toyoda FH400J - D and R Machinery - Arizona CNC Machine Tools
Toyoda FH400J
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Toyoda FH400J

Horizontal Machining Center – High Performance, High Speed

High Performance, High Speed Horizontal Machining Center, FH-J Series


The FH400J is a compact, high-speed horizontal machining center featuring a 15,000 RPM spindle, tool-to-tool cycle time of .9 seconds, and a rapid feedrate of 2,362 ipm (60 m/min).


Main Specs:

  • Travel:  23.62″ x 22.05″ x 24.80″
  • Pallet Size:  15.75″ x 15.75″
  • Spindle:  15,000 RPM, 123 ft/lbs
  • Tool Capacity:  40 Standard (60, 119 options) CAT40
  • Machine Weight:  24,200 lbs



  • FANUC 31iMA CNC Machine Control
  • FCD450 Cast Iron Base and Column for unsurpassed Vibration Dampening
  • Solid-Core Ball Screws with Active Thermal Compensation Software
  • Three Point Machine Leveling for Long Lasting Machine Geometry
  • Designed with a Full Four Front Bearing Spindle Bearing Configuration
  • Variable Hydraulic Preload Spindle Technology for Increased Spindle Stability
  • Machine Weight of 24,200 lbs Engineered with FEM Analysis to Reduce Vibration
  • Toyoda J-Series Machines are Equipped with Patented Removable Spindle Taper Technology

  • Full NC table (360,000 positions)
  • Coolant Through the Spindle 435 PSI
  • Easy Machine Installation Process with Pre-Pinned Integrated Coolant Tank
  • Center Through Chip Removal Designed for Highly Efficient Chip Management
  • Toyoda’s patented bearing preload allows machines to begin cutting when they are turned on – no warm-up time required. This same technology allows our machines to run 24/7, without worrying about overheating during production.
  • Automatic Way Lube System
  • 12 Months Parts and Labor Warranty (24 months Control and Drives)


Toyoda FH400J Machine Specifications


X-Axis 23.62″
Y-Axis 22.05″
Z-Axis 24.80″
Max. Workpiece Swing 24.8″ x 35.43″
Dimensions 15.75″ x 15.75″
Max Load 880 lbs
NC Table (4th Axis) 360,000 Positions

Spindle Type Direct Drive
Spindle Speed 15,000 RPM
Spindle Torque 123 ft/lbs
Spindle Motor 30 HP
Coolant Thru Spindle 435 PSI
Spindle Taper CAT40
Feed Rate
Rapid Traverse (X/Y/Z) 2,362 ipm

Capacity 40 Tools (60, 119 options)
Max. Tool Diameter 2.75″
Max. Tool Length 15.7″
Tool to Tool ATC Time 0.9 seconds
Air Pressure 5 CFM 56-70 PSI
Power Consumption 51 KVA
Machine Net Weight 24,200 lbs
Operating Dimensions 82.5″ x 158″