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Toyoda TG4
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Toyoda TG4

CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine – Universal

Universal Grinding Machine, TG4-32 / -63


The TG4 is a programmable, universal grinding machine with automatic wheelhead indexing. This machine features multiple possible configurations for optimum flexibility and the patented TOYODA STAT® BEARING for accuracy and grinding longevity.


Main Specs:

  • Swing Over Table:  12.6″∅
  • Distance Between Centers:  12.6″ / 24.8″
  • Max. Load Between Centers:  330 lbs
  • Wheel Surface Speed:  8,850 SFPM






THE DAILY GRIND FOR YEARS TO COME – The TOYODA STAT® BEARING uses a hybrid of hydrostatic and hydrodynamic technology to eliminate metal-to-metal contact inside the bearing. This allows your grinder to run at top performance longer than your typical spindle bearing.

ACCURATE BY DESIGN – Toyoda’s floating plate absorbs movement in the ballscrew to maintain grinding accuracy and positioning.

USER-FRIENDLY HMI – Our grinding machines use Toyoda’s own conversational controls. In a convenient touchscreen panel, operators are able to program at the machine.


  • Toyoda 3-axis CNC unit, Model GC50X3, including movable pendent type operation
    panel with keyboard type manual data input, manual pulse generator, and more.
  • Box-type well-ribbed heavy-duty machine bed of high-strength metal castings
    with coolant isolation cover (Reduces heat displacement)
  • Hydraulic and lubrication power units
  • X and Z Axis linear guide systems offers high speed with high accuracy
  • Wheel feed system
  • Wheelhead swivel system
  • The TOYODA STAT® bearing wheelhead featuring no metal-to-metal contact, high rigidity
    and excellent damping capacity and minimized heat generation
  • Rigid wheel guard with adjustable front hoods
  • Standard size wheel sleeve and flange assembly (2 sets included)
  • Standard wheel (2 pieces included)

  • Hydraulically operated type footstock with manual fine taper adjustment
  • Dead spindle workhead
  • Diamond holder mounted on Workhead
  • Toyoda programmable lateral locator unit for bi-directional shoulder locating
    mounted on Angle wheel side
  • Coolant supply unit
  • Standard carbide-tipped work centers, MT #4
  • Set of leveling screws and pads
  • Full Machine Enclosure for mist containment
  • Slideway covers, bed covers.
  • Wheel lifting hook
  • 12 Months Parts and Labor Warranty on Machine and Control

Toyoda TG4 Machine Specifications


Swing 12.6″∅
Distance Between Centers 12.6″ / 24.8″
Max. Grinding Diameter 11.8″∅
Type 1 Piece Traversing
Table Feed Linear Guide/Servo Motor
Wheelhead Rapid Z-Axis Feed  590 IPM

Wheel Size x 2 Wheels (OD x ID) 16″∅ x 5″
Wheelhead Rapid X-Axis Feed 590 IPM
Max. Wheel Width 1.97″ (2.9″ Option)
Wheel Surface Speed 8,850 SFPM
Wheelhead Swivel Range 210º
Type Dead Spindle
Center Taper MT #4
Work Speed (Variable) 10 – 500 RPM

Type Hydraulic Retract with Manual Taper Adjustment
Center MT #4
Max. Center Retraction 2.36″
Power 200 Volt, 3 PH, 60 Hz
Machine Net Weight 15,432 lbs
Operating Dimensions 120″ x 98″