TRAK TRL-1440EX Lathe - D and R Machinery - Arizona CNC Machine Tools
TRAK TRL-1440EX Lathe
TRAK TRL-1440EX Lathe
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TRAK TRL-1440EX Lathe


The look and feel of a manual lathe, but with CNC efficiency


  • 14” swing, 40” between centers
  • Spindle through hole of 1.56”
  • Geared head
  • Manual or CNC operation
  • Basic CNC Turning Capability
    • Threading
    • Profiling with standard tools
    • Accurate and repeatable from part to part




Programming is always easy!



  • Just select the geometry and answer the prompts.
  • Part Graphics make it easy to check your programs.
  • Tool data is applied to CNC and Manual machining.



Specifications for TRAK TRL-1440EX Lathe


ProtoTRAK CNC Model ELX Spindle Through Hole 1.56″ Power Requirements, Control 110V, 1P, 8 Amp
Height of Centers 7″ Spindle Taper MT#5 Power Requirements, Machine 220V, 3P, 60Hz
Distance Between Centers 40″ Taper in Reduction Sleeve N/A Amps Full Load Current 15
Swing Over Bed 14″ Spindle Dia. at Front Bearing 2.36″ Dimensions Net 73″ x 44″ x 57″
Swing Over Saddle Wings 14″ Number of Bearings 2 Dimensions Shipping 78″ x 49″ x 67″
Swing Over Cross Slide 7″ Spindle Speed Range (RPM) 60-2400 Weight Net 1800 LBS
Cross Slide Travel 8″ Number of Speeds 12 Weight Shipping 2200 LBS
Tool Section Max 3/4″ Tailstock Standard Maximum Rapid Feed X 100
 Coolant Tank Capacity 3 gal. Quill Travel 5″ Maximum Rapid Feed Z (IPM) 100
 Width of Bed 8.1″ Quill Diameter 1.575″ Coolant Pump Motor 1/8 HP
 Height of Bed 10.6″ Quill Taper Hole MT#3 Spindle Motor Brake Magentic
 Spindle Nose D1-4 Spindle Motor HP 5 Way Surface Hardness 400-450HB
Head Stock Lubrication Splash Lube

Options for Lathes


  • Direct Mounting, featuring separate top jaws and master jaws
  • Chucks offered for each model are rated from the maximum RPM of the lathe

*Some Customized Options Available

Tooling Kit

  • Dorian brand tooling kit contains a tool post and a variety of tool holders
  • The tool post has a release mechanism for quick, easy tool changes. Repeatable within .001”
  • The tooling kit includes:
    • A Quick-Change Tool Post
    • 4 each 3/4″ or 1″ square tool holders for turning, facing and boring
    • 1 each boring tool holder for the 3/4″ tooling kit – 1″ holder for the 1″ tooling kit – 1.25″ holder

Star 4-Position Indexer

  • Integrated into the ProtoTRAK SLX CNC
  • Four stations that index with the control command
  • Not available on the TRL-1440EX Lathe


  • Eight stations
  • Coolant supplied at each tool
  • Not available on the TRL-1440EX Lathe

Follow Rest

  • Solid Brass Nib Type


Steady Rest

  • Roller Type


  • Optional for models 1630SX and 1630 HSSX
  • Standard on all other lathe models



Advanced Features

  • Constant surface speed
  • Additional canned cycles
  • Verify Machining Simulation
  • And more. See SLX CNC specifications for full list.

DXF Converter

  • Translate CAD-generated data into ProtoTRAK programs right at your machine
  • For use on the ProtoTRAK SLX and Offline Programming.


  • Use electronic handwheels to control CNC run
  • Not available on model 1440EX

Remote Stop / Go Switch

  • A hand-held switch to stop and continue program run


Collet Closer

  • 5C collet closer
  • Extended taper mount nosepiece
  • Available for models 1845SX, 1630SX, 1630HSSX and 1440EX.
  • Not available for 2470SX

Work Lamp

  • Mounts on the underside of the chip enclosure

Coolant Pump

  • May be configured to operate as commanded by the Accessory Key on the ProtoTRAK SLX front panel
  • 1440EX coolant pump turned on and off by switch on apron

Networking Option

  • Connect your ProtoTRAK to a network of other ProtoTRAKs or offline computers
  • Not available with the ProtoTRAK ELX