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Hurco has been leading the industry in CNC machine tool technology for 49 years with over 80 patents to our name. We make reliable CNC machine tools with the most versatile control in the industry by providing both NC and conversational programming.
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From 5-axis machining centers to large format machining centers designed for the aerospace and energy sectors, there is a Hurco CNC machine for you. Our flagship VMX line is the workhorse of 3-axis CNC machining centers. But we don’t stop at milling. We have worked diligently to ensure our turning centers are up to par with our mills. The TMX, TMM, and TM lines include a range of turning centers with chuck sizes up to 25 inches and mill turn machines that support the “done in one” philosophy.

Whether you are turning, milling, doing 2D parts or 3D parts, Hurco CNC machine tools, equipped with our integrated control, let you get down to the business of making chips faster than any other CNC machine tool.

Your expertise paired with our control technology—that’s mind over metal. That’s Hurco.

The VM Series Value Proposition

The Hurco VM CNC vertical milling machines offer powerful machining with a compact footprint, and absolutely the best value on the market. These small CNC machining centers are the perfect combination of size and functionality. Designed to conserve space with the smallest possible footprint, the VM mills are loaded with remarkably big capacity, productivity and user flexibility.

VM5i VM10i VM20i VM30i VM10HSi
Travels(X,Y,Z): 18″/14″/14″ 26″/16″/20″ 40″/20″/20″ 50″/20″/20″ 26″/16″/20″
Table Size(X,Y): 18″ x 14″ 30″ x 16″ 46″ x 20″ 52″ x 20″ 30″ x 16″
Spindle(RPM): 8,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 20,000/30,000
Tool Capacity: 16 – CAT40 20 – CAT40 20 – CAT40 20 – CAT40 20 – BT30
Floor Space(L,W): 64.3″ x 114.9″ 118.1″ x 113.8″ 145.8″ x 118.4″ 160.7″ x 108″ 118.1″ x 113.8″

The VM Plus Series

The Hurco VM Plus CNC vertical milling machines offer powerful machining with a compact footprint, and absolutely the best value on the market. These CNC machining centers are the perfect combination of size and functionality. The larger work cube provides impressive X travel while not demanding excessive floor space.  They come standard with WinMax Classic, Spindle Thermal Chiller, Rigid Tapping, and more.

VM10i Plus VM20i Plus VM30i Plus
Travels(X,Y,Z): 26″/16″/20″ 40″/20″/20″ 50″/20″/20″
Table Size(X,Y): 30″ x 16″ 46″ x 20″ 52″ x 20″
Spindle(RPM): 12,000 12,000 12,000
Tool Capacity: 20 – CAT40 Big Plus 20 – CAT40 Big Plus 20 – CAT40 Big Plus
Floor Space(L,W): 118.1″ x 113.8″ 145.8″ x 118.4″ 160.7″ x 108″

The VMX Machining Center Is the Industry Workhorse

With the high velocities and accelerations of today’s applications, machine performance must be carefully optimized in order to maintain accuracy over extended periods of time. The Hurco VMX Series of CNC mills delivers. It starts with a heavy, ribbed frame made of fine grain, high-grade cast iron. The double-nut, pre-tensioned ballscrews are anchored at both ends for increased accuracy and rigidity. A dual-wound 12K spindle delivers the cutting power you need.

The linear rails on all Hurco machines are larger, and spaced for increased strength. But their quality goes far beyond mere size. We wedge lock the rails to a machined shoulder, which makes the machine more robust, instead of simply mounting them to a single surface. The multiple design and manufacturing details we incorporate into a Hurco VMC increase rigidity and reliability, which means each VMX machining center will be the workhorse you expect.

VMX24i VMX30i VMX42i VMX50i VMX64i VMX6030i VMX84i
Travels(X,Y,Z): 24″/20″/24″ 30″/20″/24″ 42″/24″/24″ 50″/26″/24″ 64″/34″/30″ 60″/30″/24″ 84″/34″/30″
Table Size(X,Y): 30″ x 20″ 40″ x 20″ 50″ x 24″ 59″ x 26″ 66″ x 35″ 66.14″ x 30″ 86″ x 34″
Spindle(RPM): 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,000/8,000 12,000/8,000 12,000/8,000 12,000/8,000
Tool Capacity: 30 – CAT40 30 – CAT40 30 – CAT40 30 – CAT40/50 30 – CAT40/32 – CAT50 30 – CAT40/50 40 – CAT40/32 – CAT50
Floor Space(L,W): 155.1″ x 156.5″ 155.1″ x 156.5″ 181″ x 152.2″ 204.6″ x 181.9″ 249.5″ x 179.7″ 223.5″ x 207.8″ 297.6″ x 185″

The  VMXDi Machining Center Is the Industry Workhorse

Our signature line of VMXDi machining centers takes machining to the next level. These machines deliver high performance capabilities to any machining application. Whether you are doing batch production or die/mold work, the VMXDi mills will make you more profitable.

The key benefits of these machining centers that all feature an inline direct-drive spindle with 15,000 rpm include:

  • Faster chip to chip time due to faster acceleration and deceleration
  • Less heat that results in enhanced repeatability
  • Improved surface finish due to the inline direct drive configuration of the spindle

Travels(X,Y,Z): 24″/20″/24″ 30″/20″/24″ 42″/24″/24″
Table Size(X,Y): 30″ x 20″ 40″ x 20″ 50″ x 24″
Spindle(RPM): 15,000 15,000 15,000
Tool Capacity: 30 – CAT40 Big Plus 30 – CAT40 Big Plus 30 – CAT40 Big Plus
Floor Space(L,W): 155.1″ x 156.5″ 155.1″ x 156.5″ 181″ x 152.2″

VMXHSi: When You Need Speed

The Hurco VMXHSi high speed machining centers are equipped with the necessary components for speed, accuracy, and repeatability. The VMXHSi includes ABEC-7 ceramic hybrid bearings and an 18k base speed spindle, which gives you the speed you need and manages the thermal issues associated with high speed machining. The air over oil spindle lubrication distributes oil evenly and prevents bearings from grease starvation.The faster ATC decreases chip to chip time and has HSK tooling.

These machines are built to last and to retain accuracy with larger linear rails that are mounted to a machined shoulder for increased rigidity. Additionally, the rails are wedge-locked to the frame to reduce vibration instead of using the faster, cheaper face-milled process. The ball screws are stretched and pre-loaded, and have an additional anchor to the Z-axis.

Equipped with Yaskawa Sigma 5 drives, UltiMotion, and the latest WinMax9 control software, the VMXHSi mills are well worth the investment.

Travels(X,Y,Z): 24″/20″/24″ 30″/20″/24″ 30″/20″/20.5″ 42″/24″/24″ 42″/24″/20.5″ 60″/26″/24″
Table Size(X,Y): 30″ x 20″ 40″ x 20″ 9.8″ dia. 50″ x 24″ 13.7″ dia. 66″ x 26″
Spindle(RPM): 18,000 18,000 18,000 18,000 18,000 18,000
Tool Capacity: 24 – HSK63 24 – HSK63 40 – HSK63 40 – HSK63 40 – HSK63 40 – HSK63
Floor Space(L,W): 155.1″ x 156.3″ 161″ x 156.3″ 155.1″ x 161.5″ 181.1″ x 156.9″ 181″ x 152.5″ 223.5″ x 201.7″

Double Column Machining Center, BX Series.

The Hurco BX Series CNC double-column machining center is the perfect combination of performance and flexibility. The ladder structure and double-column design provides extreme rigidity and outstanding support for the head. With an 18K motorized spindle and oversized linear guide rollers, it is perfect for a wide range of applications. Exceptional cutting feed rates are achieved with patented high-speed motion technology resulting in the fastest cut with the best surface finish.

BX40i BX40Ui BX50i BX60i
Travels(X,Y,Z): 40.2″/27.6″/19.7″ 37.4″/23.6″/19.7″ 53.2″/37.4″/23.6″ 63″/51.2″/27.6″
Table Size(X,Y): 41.3″ x 27.6″ 13.7″ 59.1″ x 37.8″ 74.8″ x 51.2″
Spindle(RPM): 18,000 18,000 18,000 18,000
Tool Capacity: 30 – HSK63 30 – HSK63 30 – HSK63 30 – HSK63
Floor Space(L,W): 188.3″ x 138.5″ 120.1″ x 163.4″ 197″ x 210″ 206.4″ x 205″

Double Column Machining Center, DCX Series

The DCX Series of CNC machining centers was created due to customer requests—customers who already knew the value of Hurco and needed larger machines for aerospace and energy parts. Our 2-meter and 3-meter VMCs are the biggest machine tools available with the powerful Hurco control.

DCX22i-40T DCX22i-50T DCX32i DCX3226i DCX42i
Travels(X,Y,Z): 86.6″/66.9″/29.5″ 86.6″/66.9″/29.5″ 126″/82.7″/29.5″ 126″/102″/36.2″ 165.4″/102.4″/43.3″
Table Size(X,Y): 82.7″ x 63″ 82.6″ x 63″ 118.1″ x 66.9″ 118.1″ x 82.7″ 157.5″ x 82.7″
Spindle(RPM): 12,000 6,000 6,000 6,000 6,000
Tool Capacity: 40 – CAT40 40 – CAT50 40 – CAT50 40 – CAT50 40 – CAT,BT, DIN 50
Floor Space(L,W): 285.4″ x 239.3″ 259.5″ x 237.4″ 392.1″ x 233.7″ 408.8″ x 249.7″ 485.3″ x 264.4″

5-Axis CNC Machines

Nobody Makes 5-Axis Milling Easier than Hurco

Over ten years ago, we set a goal as a company to manufacture the best 5-axis CNC machines with the best control and software in the industry. The reason is simple: we determined 5-axis technology would make our customers more profitable. Our 5-axis CNC machining centers, equipped with the integrated Hurco control, are simply the best in the industry. Nobody does 5-axis better than Hurco. And nobody gets you from print to part faster.

Full Support of Simultaneous 5-Axis with Fanuc Integration

A rigid machine that is fully compatible with all CAD/CAM packages for simultaneous 5-axis machining with complete Fanuc integration is a minimum requirement for complex simultaneous 5-axis parts. Hurco has all that and more. We have control features that optimize CAM programs to reduce the file size, improve surface finish, and reduce cycle time. Additionally, you’ll appreciate the fast processing speed and generous 2 GB RAM.

Trunnion Table 5-Axis Makes 5-Sided Machining Easy

The efficient design of the Hurco 5-axis trunnion table machining centers is a key benefit to consider—we use an integrated trunnion table at Hurco instead of simply sticking a trunnion table on a 3-axis machining center and passing it off as a 5-axis machine. The integrated trunnion table design provides more clearance in Z compared to other brands.

VM10Ui VM10Ui Plus VMX30Ui VMX42Ui VMX60Ui VTXUi
Travels(X,Y,Z): 21″/16″/19″ 21″/16″/19″ 30″/20″/20.5″ 42″/24″/20.5″ 60″/26″/20.5″ 31″/27.5″/20″
Table Size(X,Y): 7.8″ dia. 7.8″ dia. 9.8″ dia. 13.7″ dia. 19.7″ dia. 24″ dia.
Spindle(RPM): 10,000 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,000
Tool Capacity: 20 – CAT40 20 – CAT40 Big Plus 40 – CAT40 40 – CAT40 40 – CAT40 48 – CAT40
Floor Space(L,W): 117.9″ x 105″ 117.9″ x 105″ 155″ x 156″ 179″ x 148.5″ 214.8″ x 180.7″ 139.5″ x 239.8″

5-Axis CNC Mill Offers Maximum Flexibility

The SR series of 5-axis CNC mills offers multiple advantages, starting with the machine’s design configuration that utilizes a swivel head with either an A or C style rotary table. The generous size of the rotary table provides maximum versatility because you can use the extra table space for secondary operations or 3-axis work.

Benefits of the SR 5-Axis Mill

  • The design of the swivel head 5-axis machining center makes the SR the best choice for certain applications.
  • Versatility. The large rotary table provides versatility that allows you to use the extra table space for secondary operations or 3-axis work.
  • Heavier Parts. Because the table is stationary, the swivel head/rotary table 5-axis machining centers are typically preferred when machining heavier parts.
  • Better chip control. With the swivel head/rotary table configuration, you can run the machine horizontally and gain better chip control.

Unlimited angular movement of C-axis. With a swivel head/rotary table 5-axis machining center, it is extremely important to make sure the table (C-axis) supports unlimited angular movement. For example, if you are machining down a steep wall and going around the part, the table needs to rotate in a continuous motion. If the C-axis is limited to +360 / -360 degrees of motion, it will literally need to unwind at regular intervals to machine the part. Conversely, the tables on the Hurco SR 5-axis mills are built with unlimited and continuous rotation because our focus from design to delivery is to maximize productivity and profitability for our customers.

Tool access for swept surfaces and complex contours. There are certain applications, such as impellers or turbines, when it is beneficial to approach the part from underneath. When you mill uphill, as it is sometimes called, the base of the spindle is lower than the tool tip. The B-axis tilting head with the C-axis rotary table of the SR machining center supports this type of cutting strategy, whereas a trunnion style 5-axis mill doesn’t.

Travels(X,Y,Z): 42″/24″/24″ 42″/24″/24″ 60″/26″/24″ 42″/24″24″ 64″/26″/24″ 84″/34″/30″
Table Size(X,Y): 50″ x 24″ 50″ x 24″ 66″ x 26″ 55″ x 26″ 66″ x 26″ 86″ x 34″
Spindle(RPM): 18,000 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,000
Tool Capacity: 40 – HSK63 40 – CAT40 40 – CAT40 40 – CAT40 40 – CAT40 40 – CAT40
Floor Space(L,W): 202.4″ x 157.4″ 202.4″ x 157.4″ 224.3″ x 182″ 182.5″ x 147.1″ 218.8″ x 157.9″ 218.8″ x 157.9″

Cantilever 5-Axis Machining Centers

The Hurco Cantilever 5-axis Machines are equipped with CTS and linear scales. Powerful 5-axis/5-sided control features make the transition from conventional 3-axis machining easy.

VC500i VCX600i
Travels(X,Y,Z): 20.5″/17.7″/15.8″ 24″/20.5″/19″
B-Axis: -110° / +110° +40° / -110°
Table Size: 19.7″ 23.6″ dia
Spindle(RPM): 10,000 12,000
Tool Capacity: 30 CAT40 30 CAT40

Easy Entry to Horizontal Machining

The HMX is challenging conventional wisdom that Hurcos are only for small job shops. Hurco horizontal machining centers routinely match the performance of machines costing twice as much.

Maximum Efficiency for Medium-Batch Production

The Hurco HMX horizontal machining center is optimum for low to medium-batch production runs. The design promotes better chip control—gravity does the work with chips falling effortlessly.

The unique traveling column provides the speed and precision required for advanced machining processes and it’s capable of much higher contour machining rates and superior surface finishes compared to a typical vertical machining center with a similar design concept.

The box-in-box design leads to increased rigidity as do the pre-tensioned, dual ballscrews. The HMX has a fast, twin 630 mm pallet system that keeps cycle times short, and the fully integrated 4-axis capability of the HMX allows complex production parts to be machined efficiently and accurately.

HMX400i HMX500i HMX630 HMX1700i HMX1700Ri
Travels(X,Y,Z): 24.4″/22″/26″ 32″/24″/25.3″ 41.3″/35.4″/39.4″ 67″/51″/35″ 67″/51″/35″
Table Size(X,Y): 15.7″ x 15.7″ (2) 19.7″ x 19.7″ (2) 24.8″ x 24.8″ (2) 67″ x 36″ 67″ x 33″ w/Rotary
Spindle(RPM): 12,000 12,000/8,000 8,000 8,000 8,000
Tool Capacity: 60 – CAT40 60 – CAT40/CAT50 60 – CAT50 30 – CAT50 30 – CAT50
Floor Space(L,W): 186.1″ x 200.9″ 195.8″ x 212.7″ 208.5″ x 297.3″ 171″ x 149″ 171″ x 149″

Horizontal Boring Mills

The Hurco Horizontal Boring Mill has a small footprint, especially considering the large work envelope, and is heavier than competitive boring mills in its class. The HBMX55i has a geared head spindle with two speeds and hardened box ways. We’ve packaged our boring mill to include the features you need for typical applications instead of requiring you to add them as options. The HBMX55i comes with a 4.33-inch diameter quill that allows you to use shorter tools, a contouring 4th axis rotary table (not just positional), linear glass scales to maintain thermal stability and increase accuracy, CTS, and a 60-tool ATC.

HBMX55i HBMX80i HBMX120i
Travels(X,Y,Z,W): 55.1″/54.7″/43.3″/19.7″ 77.8″/70.1″/66.9″/19.7″ 118.1″/70.1″/66.9″/19.7″
Table Size(X,Y): 44.1″ x 49.2″ 56.7″ x 63″ 56.7″ x 63″
Peak Spindle Motor: 40.2 HP @695.5 RPM 40.2 HP @695.5 RPM 40.2 HP @383.6 RPM
Tool Capacity: 60 – CAT40 60 – CAT40/CAT50 60 – CAT50
Floor Space(L,W): 220.4″ x 207.3″ 256.2″ x 209.1″

Toolroom Mill

The HTM30 features an open-bed design that promotes easy access to the table. Also called a toolroom mill, this entry level machine includes all of the technology power of the MAX5 control. Equipped with UltiMotion

Travels(X,Y,Z): 30″/17″/18″
Table Size(X,Y): 35.4″ x 16.1″
Spindle(RPM): 8,000
Tool Capacity: 16 CAT40
Floor Space(L,W): 123″ x 159″

CNC Lathes that Deliver

While Hurco is better known for our mills and control technology, our CNC lathe line of products deserves your attention. We’ve approached the design and development of our CNC lathe line in the same methodical, user- centric way we develop our mills and control technologies. Bottom line: each feature of our CNC turning centers is designed to maximize productivity because our primary goal is to deliver manufacturing technology that helps our customers increase profitability.

General Purpose Turning

The small footprint, large work cube, chip management system, and affordable price tag of our slant-bed CNC lathes in the TM Series make small batch manufacturing profitable.

TM6i TM8i TM10i
Travels(X,Z): 7″/14″ 8″/20″ 9.8″/29.5″
Max. Turning Dia.: 12.4″ 14″ 17.7″
Max. Turning Length: 13.4″ 19″ 28.3″
Max. Bar Capacity: 1.75″ 2″ 3″
Spindle(RPM): 6,000 4,800 3,000
Floor Space(L,W): 151.6″ x 98.7″ 188.5″ x 105.7″ 201.6″ x 125.5″

Performance Turning

The TMX is a true slant-bed lathe with all-digital drives and motors with absolute encoders on all linear axes. With increased travels, more horsepower and torque, increased rigidity, faster rapids, faster acceleration/deceleration rates, and a programmable tailstock, the TMX turning centers are built for rigorous cycles.

TMX8i TMX10i
Travels(X,Z,W): 8.7″/22″/25.2″ 9.2″/26″/29.1″
Max. Turning Dia.: 14″ 16.3″
Max. Turning Length: 21.1″ 25″
Max. Bar Capacity: 2.5″ 3″
Spindle(RPM): 4,500 3,500
Floor Space(L,W): 206.9″ x 124.4″ 206.9″ x 124.3″

Large Lathes for Heavy Duty Cycles

Our heavy duty slant-bed lathes are a prime example of customer-centric design. Hurco customers who are suppliers for the aerospace and energy sectors requested larger lathes with high torque capabilities and equipped with the Hurco control.

TM12i TM18i TM18Li TM18LBBi
Travels(X,Z): 12″/40″ 17″/40″ 17″/80″ 17″/75.8″
Max. Turning Dia.: 21.7″ 25″ 25″ 25″
Max. Turning Length: 39.4″ 39.4″ 79.4″ 75″
Max. Bar Capacity: 4″ 6.4″ 6.4″ 10.8″
Spindle(RPM): 2,800 1,600(High), 600 (Low) 1,600(High), 600 (Low) 650(High), 400 (Low)
Floor Space(L,W): 234.3″ x 132.6″ 266.9″ x 133.1″ 308″ x 131.2″ 313.5″ x 131.5″

General Purpose Mill Turn Lathes

The TMM mill turn machines are true slant-bed lathes equipped with live tooling. These mill turn lathes are the perfect way to make small to medium lot sizes that require turning and a C-axis for secondary milling/drilling operations profitable. Save time with one setup and you won’t lose accuracy due to refixturing.

TMM8i TMM10i TMM12i
Travels(X,Z): 7.8″/20″ 9.8″/29.5″ 12″/40″
Max. Turning Dia.: 10.1″ 11.6″ 14.2″
Max. Turning Length: 17.9″ 27.6″ 36.9″
Max. Bar Capacity: 2″ 3″ 4.090″
Spindle(RPM): 4,800 3,000 2,800
Floor Space(L,W): 188.4″ x 111.3″ 201.6″ x 125.2″ 233.9″ x 132.5″

Multi-Axis Mill Turn Machining Made Easy

The TMXMY/S mill turn lathes are true slant-bed lathes with all-digital drives and motors and absolute encoders on all linear axes. The addition of the Y-axis allows you to machine a pocket with straight walls and flat bottoms or perform off-center machining operations with just a click of a box.

Travels(X,Z,W,Y): 8.7″/22″/25.2″/4.4″ 8.8″/26.4″/29.1″/4.4″
Max. Turning Dia.: 13.2″ 14.8″
Max. Turning Length: 20.8″ 24.7″
Max. Bar Capacity: 2.5″ 3″
Spindle(RPM): 4,500 3,500
Floor Space(L,W): 209.9″ x 124.4″ 209.8″ x 124.3″

From Print to Part to Profit

Expand Your Profit Power with Hurco

The diagram below illustrates the unique advantage of the Hurco control. It is the most versatile control in the industry: equally powerful whether you choose to use the conversational blue path or the NC programming green path. But it doesn’t stop there. Hurco’s patented UltiMotion software provides fast, smooth cutting to get your parts out the door quickly.

Whether you own a job shop, you’re just starting your business, or you are in charge of a high production operation for a big company, the integrated control of our machine tools will prove to be a powerful asset.

Nobody gets a part concept from your mind to finished metal part faster. That’s Mind Over Metal. That’s Hurco.