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Hurco VM30i Vertical Machining Center
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Hurco VM30i

Vertical Machining Center – General Purpose

Absolutely the best value on the market for small CNC machines


The Hurco VM30i CNC vertical milling machine offers powerful machining with a compact footprint, and absolutely the best value on the market. It is built to last with the efficient design of a one-piece machine base and premium components. The larger work cube provides impressive X travel while not demanding excessive floor space.


Main Specs:

  • Travel:  50″ x 20″ x 20″
  • Table Size:  52″ x 20″
  • Spindle:  10,000 RPM, 75 ft/lbs @ 1,450
  • Tool Capacity:  20 CAT40
  • Machine Weight:  9,339 lbs


The customers who invest in the Hurco VM Series of machining centers range from startup shops to large companies who find the VM vertical machining centers have the functionality they need for prototyping or tool room applications.



Hurco’s Control Gets You from Print to Part Faster


Even though the VM Series machining centers have a single screen control versus the dual-screen found on the higher performance machining centers, you still get the benefit of all the powerful features that maximize productivity. Some favorites are listed below.


DXF Transfer is the easiest and fastest way to get the part program into the control. Simply import the CAD image, select the desired features, and the WinMax control automatically creates the program. Eliminate data entry mistakes and save valuable time.
AutoCalc automatically trigs out the missing information from a print. No trig or calculator needed.
Program Interrupt stops cutting, retracts the tool, and allows you to jog any axis. With just two keystrokes, the tool resumes cutting right where it left off. Just like a true program interrupt button should behave.
Concurrent Programming makes it possible to program the next part while the machining center is running another part without interrupting the cycle.


Technology never stops and neither do we. Hurco engineers continually find ways to develop software features that increase customer profitability. A few of the most recent control features are highlighted below.

UltiMotionTM reduces cycle time by up to 30% while significantly increasing surface finish quality.
UltiMonitorTM allows remote monitoring of your machine from any web browser. See the control screen or video from a USB camera at the machine.
Absolute Tool Length allows tool setup to be independent from the part and machine, which means the tool information only needs to be captured once allowing the tool to be used on other machining centers. Facilitates the use of an offline tool presetter.
Tool Change Optimization is a new feature that analyzes the part program and automatically reduces the number of tool changes by rearranging the program for optimal efficiency.




We use the same rigorous design and manufacturing processes for the VM general purpose CNC machining centers as we do on our high end machines. This solidly built, one-piece machine base uses premium components, such as heavy duty linear rails in all three axes and pre-tensioned ball screws. Additionally, the linear rails are larger and wedge locked, which reduces vibration. All of the CNC mills have enough horsepower to get the job done and the cartridge spindle design​ simplifies maintenance.

The efficient design of the VM machining centers results in a machine with a small footprint and large work cube.



  • Heavily Ribbed Fine-Grade Cast Iron Frame Optimized with Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Wedge-locked Heavy duty Linear Rails for All Three Axes
  • Direct Drive Z axis with Regenerative Brake – No Counterbalance
  • Precision Ballscrews
  • 10,000 RPM AC Spindle Motor
  • CAT40 / Big Plus Spindle
  • Air Purged Chrome-molly Alloy Cartridge Spindle with ABEC Class 7 Bearings
  • Yaskawa Sigma V Digital AC Servos
  • Fast 945 ipm Rapid Traverse Rates
  • Electric Swing-arm 20 Station ATC – Random Access
  • 2.5 Second Tool-to-Tool ATC Time
  • Full Enclosure with Right Access Door and Side Access Doors

  • Right and Left Side LED Work Light
  • Door Safety Interlocks / ANSI B11.23
  • Flood Coolant System
  • Pistol-style Coolant and Air Guns
  • Metal Telescopic Way Covers
  • Automatic Central Lubrication System
  • Power Cabinet Heat Exchanger
  • Way Lube Separation System
  • Modular One-Piece ITX Control Rack
  • 2.7GHz Dual Core Processor
  • 4GB RAM Memory
  • 128GB Solid State Hard Drive
  • 12 Months Parts / 6 Month Labor Warranty


Hurco VM30i Machine Specifications


X-Axis 50″
Y-Axis 20″
Z-Axis 20″
Spindle Nose to Table 4″ – 24″
Dimensions 52″ x 20″
Max Load 2,000 lbs
T-slot 5 x .71″ on 3.94 Centers

Spindle Type Belt
Spindle Speed 10,000 RPM
Spindle Torque 75 ft/lbs
Spindle Motor 20 HP
Coolant Thru Spindle Optional
Spindle Taper CAT 40 / Big Plus
Feed Rate
Rapid Traverse (X/Y/Z) 945/945/945 ipm

Capacity 20 Tools
Max. Tool Diameter 3.5″
Max. Tool Length 9.8″
Tool to Tool ATC Time 2.5 seconds
Air Pressure 5 CFM @ 80-100 psi
Power Consumption 20 KVA
Machine Net Weight 9,339 lbs
Operating Dimensions 160.7” x 108” x 101.4”